Neil Bonfield - Guitar Tutor

Short Bio

Neil has been playing guitar for over 30 years. He has played in several bands and recorded his own compositions. He has a lifetime of experience to pass on to students. Beginner guitarists are a speciality - patience and perseverance are qualities a guitar teacher needs and Neil has them in abundance!

Neil's lessons are informal and fun in a relaxed atmosphere. He teaches mainly from his home in Welwyn Garden City. Music theory and guitar technique are explained through the use of popular songs, and the emphasis is on getting the student playing the instrument.


Acoustic and electric guitar are both catered for, and student instruments are available for hire during lessons.

Lessons are now available over FaceTime and Skype

Ukulele and Banjo lessons are also now available!

Neil is a member of the Musicians' Union and is registered with the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

Contact Neil today - tomorrow you could be a real guitar hero!